UPOD’s values at work are focused on competitive design development as per the most- contemporary trends research, forecast, and analysis. To source the raw materials, we travel to the core city of origin of those materials and develop designs that optimize the requirements of our clients and their financial constraints in the best possible manner.

Our extensive network of partners, vendors, efficient R&D, and industry insight gives us the advantage to negotiate and lock in the best terms of pricing, stringent quality assurance standards, and time efficiency. We offer a seamless sourcing service to our clients delivering on time, and on par with the criteria of excellence.
We believe that each piece in the UPOD Collection speaks for itself, unfolding a story of the creativity of the artists who designed it, the skill of the craftsmen who manufactured it, the enthusiasm of our sales force, and the splendid customer service that stands behind every order we complete.

We take great pride in associating with the roots of India. We believe in paying tribute to our local art and heritage by taking this diversity of culture beyond borders. Our quality products have made inroads to international markets & have helped us clinch a set of satisfied clients.

The level of trust and confidence we have gained in a short span of time is evident from the fact that we do not compromise on quality. This has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Potential, wide distribution network and transport facilities have always been the pillar of our strength and enable us to offer safe, smooth, and prompt delivery of the products to the customers.

With expert craftsmen behind us, we face no problem in providing our clients with tailored samples of any specific design sent to us. Our motto is to serve our clients with all our zeal and expertise which is why we are never afraid to accept challenges through the process and overcome them.

The purpose of our company is to source the products for valued Buyers according to their requirements by offering competitive prices, the best product quality, and timely shipment.

Our Mastery

UPOD specializes in home furnishings and functional products.

Our métier includes: Home Decor, Designer Tableware, Wood & Glass products with Vintage look, Antique finishes, Bamboo, Singing bowls & artifacts, Sheesham boxes, Lighting (Lamps & Lanterns), Storage boxes, Home fragrance and incenses, Galvanized metal, Garden accessories (made of galvanized metal),
Soap stones and Carving products, decorative, useful & customary handicrafts from different parts of India.

We design exclusive products in collaboration with our manufacturers that reflect our passion and originality in every dimension. Our highly experienced team of designers and artisans develop a range of customized designs in accord with the procurement requirements of our clients. We turn their vision to reality, and that too affordably.

UPOD adopts a buyers-first approach and excels in supplying custom-built products, bespoke designs, and shapes as per the specifications of our esteemed customers. We take the best possible means to manufacturing and logistics to deliver quickly and efficiently.