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product development

Product development, also known as new product management, is a series of steps that involves conceptualizing, designing, developing and marketing of freshly created or rebranded goods or services. The goal of product development is to grow, retain and boost the market share of a company by meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations.

Product development typically relates to all phases deeply involved in taking a product from a concept or idea, through the release of the market and beyond. In other words, product development embodies the journey of a product. We aim to create a confident buying experience for all our customers as every product of ours speaks a story. Cost effective designs are done keeping in mind the materials. We make sure to work on the Prototypes first as the feedback of the customers are vital before the project initiates.

UPOD uses its consolidated purchasing power to find the best possible values in the marketplace and align its purchasing strategy to business goals. UPOD’s trading operations are organized into largely-independent, customer-focused divisions. Its internal structures are designed to motivate the entire network to place each customer order with the supplier that most closely fits customer requirements.

Vendor management

We partner with our suppliers to focus on capacity building enabling them to better manage their factories, introducing greater efficiency and supporting our suppliers to improve factory working conditions to meet ever-changing industry expectations, for the benefit of workers, and all industry participants.

Our suppliers are in all key production markets around the world allowing us to flexibly move production across markets, balance capacity constraints and better meet customer needs. We thoroughly analyse every supplier prospect to ensure that they have the resources, experience, and personnel to satisfy our goals and KPIs.

Exercising due diligence to ensure that every prospect is transparent regarding key metrics such as cost engineering, on-time delivery, and quality defect percentage. We try the best to reach mutually beneficial contract terms and agree upon risk KPIs for performance monitoring.


We ensure correct costing gets to the customer of the Product and Packaging both by doing cost engineering, by analysing the cost break-ups of raw material, labour cost etc. We do negotiations and work with the supplier on how to get best cost by using the correct/ relevant material.

We engage in price negotiations based on the information and insights gathered during negotiation. We identify and negotiate risks associated with the supplier and potential supply chain risks tied to this product or service. We monitor activities post–contract execution and ensure that the agreement is living up to its standards and binding clause outlined in the contract.

Negotiations initiates with customer’s needs and expectations and on the other hand understanding the supplier is also needed to have a mutual understanding. The best way to win a supplier is to think like a supplier. So, we try their shoes and understand that they have the product to sell but need credibility to earn a long-term business deal. Keeping the customer’s needs as a priority, we always work on bridging the gap between customers and suppliers by negotiating every parameter that are indulged to maintain a business relationship.

Execution & Quality Assurance

To help our Suppliers maintain quality at every stage of the production process, our expert assesses the quality of components, materials and products during manufacturing. We identify if there are any deviations, and offer advice on corrective measures and re-check any defects during Pre-Production Inspection to confirm they have been rectified. We have adopted the universally acclaimed system of Quality Evaluation known as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level). Based on the principles of categorizing defects as Major and minor and following the acceptability ratio of the same, this system enables our Quality Assurance Executives to decide if the merchandise passes the quality norms of the customer. It also helps them identify and solve the inherent technical problems faced during production of various fabrics/materials and thus to take precautions at early stage. Moreover, based on the nature of the product, we ensure that they meet the technical standards.

This is conducted when between 20% and 80% of goods have been produced, and performed on-site, standards and the contractual agreements, highlighting actual or potential defects so that they can be addressed them immediately rather than changes to your products later in the production process. This also helps in ensuring that during inspection of randomly selected units from all completed batches of your production we will notify you of deviations from original specifications if any, and if your production is still on schedule.

We not only conduct inspections but also follow three-tier inspection system from the time the orders are placed to the time the product is ex-factory. This three-tier system includes Initial, Mid-line and Final Inspections; as per the agreed upon AQL level. Quality Assurance process is carried out at each stage starting from the sample development. This thorough setting of standards, risk analysis and building quality rigor ensures that Customer expectations are always met and often surpassed. We also undertake third party quality inspections if required by the customer as per the agreed or required AQL levels; thereby also referred as UPOD’s Inspection Agency.

Our team takes care that all defective units are repaired or rejected and poor service repeated at no charge until the Customer is satisfied. Our Quality control inspectors make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets quality and safety standards specified in the purchasing documentation. All production processes, whether large or small, require elements of quality control and all inspection and testing is carried out to specified requirements that have been agreed between the Customer and the exporter. For us at UPOD’s total quality management is a journey, not a destination which is reached with high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

Logistics & Documentation

We have strategic tie-ups with freight forwarders, which facilitates prompt delivery of shipments. All orders are very closely monitored by our team to ensure that they are shipped on time as per schedule. Our customers are continuously updated about the movement of the goods enabling them to make informed decisions in their own countries. We offer the flexibility for our customers to choose from a number of different business models (including that of an agent, importer, wholesaler or supplier).

UPOD, helps you get more supply chain visibility. Our teams can help you identify blind spots critical to your overall business strategy. We also have in-depth logistics expertise – working with strategic customer partners across industries and geographies – which allows us to create a supply chain model and plan that fits your ambitions.

As we like to “Under Promise Over Deliver”, we make sure the cargo arrives at the customer’s warehouse on or before time. Transparency and visibility are the backbone of international logistics, allowing for supply chain agility, confident decision-making, and enhanced efficiency. Shipping internationally often involves unfamiliar or new carriers, taxes, duties, and required paperwork and permits. Shipping freight typically triggers a barrage of paperwork. Staying on top of a documentation deluge is often among the top challenges of international shipping. Fortunately, UPOD offers the opportunity to consolidate documentation transfers into a single workspace.

Sustainability is a part of our culture and provides us with a guiding framework for how we manage our impact while contributing to the development of the communities in which we live and work. We manage our global supply chains in alignment with our overall Sustainability Strategy.

After sales service

We aim to satisfy our customers as we always believe in Under Promise Over Deliver. Once the products are delivered at the customer’s warehouse, we make sure to ask the customer to share some selected feedback on our core service standards or key measures. We always welcome the feedbacks, even if we receive any negative feedback, we react on that by improving being better to best.

We always work other solutions even if any customer faces any problems, as we are looking for long-term business relationships. Our purpose is driven to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations, to enhance the efficiency of our customer’s business. We, as a company, believe in providing complete transparency in our working. We ensure we make the process simple, quick and easy to complete.