UPOD is an end-to-end Sourcing Solution provider catering to the growing global demand for one-stop sourcing solutions. We serve a wide range of clients encompassing importers, various brands, retailers, and e-commerce businesses globally. Based in Gurugram, India, UPOD is constantly setting high standards in producing, planning, and exporting high-quality products.

UPOD was founded in view of the emerging market for the products of east and far east Asian countries in global commerce. Our sourcing solutions are essentially focused on sourcing local and custom-made  products from India, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh on behalf of our esteemed clients from the US, UK, Europe, and other parts of the world.

UPOD – ‘Under Promise, Over Deliver’, stands true to its name by exceeding the expectations of its clients. Since our inception in 2016, we have earned a reputation of being among the competent service-oriented companies. We support our clients through the entire sourcing process from finding the right vendor to shipment and delivery, by meeting their price targets, providing quality assured products, and offering highly buyer-focused services.


We ensure that the raw materials we source are ethically procured, and government-approved. The processes we adopt are aligned with the broader ethical standards and values.


UPOD is backed by an experienced R&D team that ALLOWS US TO adapt quickly to the customer's demands and furnish tailored sourcing solutions.


Our professional shipping and freight suppliers can deal with shipping issues quickly. The experienced international trade team offers complete export/import and legal support to our service.


For us, sustainability is to make manufacturing a minimally invasive process for economic and environmental integrity.


“We earn our customer’s enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the Integrity, Team work & Innovation by our people.

UPOD Sourcing inspires its people to be the best they can be. Our mission is: ‘to be a customer-first company by constantly improving our services proactively, and minimizing the hassle in the international sourcing process by adopting advanced methods and smart technologies to become a long-term reliable sourcing partner for our clients.’


Our vision is to make sourcing from the developing world, a hassle-free, seamless experience for the importers in the developed world to diversify, expand and address the growing demand for refined products. Eliminating all the risks and challenges in the entire process, we aim to earn our customer’s trust by continuously improving our services driven by the integrity, team work and innovation of our people.


Our Maxim

  • “Under Promise Over Deliver” Under promising and over delivering implies our intention to go an extra mile and play more than our fair share in the process to fulfil the needs of our customers.
  • It entails providing value of service for their investment and optimizing returns.

One-stop sourcing solution

  • Timeliness, Honesty, Transparency in communication
  • Early challenge resolution are the founding principles of our service.
  • We are a full-service sourcing partner resolving the buying needs of the importers and buyers of any scale and size, from beyond their bordersreturns.

Key Differenciations

  • Research & Innovation
  • Cost-effective and quality options
  • Bespoke design and development
  • Geared to handle smaller quantities
  • Cost Re-engineering